Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hamburger Update- no news

The hamburgers are still above my freezer in the garage, I kinda forgot about them... I took a peek at one the other day and EWWWWWW! I DID NOT open it! They are still rotting away, liquidity is setting in.

I sent e-mails to the Biology Dept at UF two more times, and didn't even get so much as a "you're crazy lady!" from them. : ( Well, they missed their chance at making a little more of a Gator fan of me. I do not like the Gators as a whole, but parts of them I have liked. Shands Teaching Hospital has taken very good care of my father, and Tim Tebow is(so far... no one is perfect!) admirable and a great sportsman, and I employ the knowledge of the Extension office at times also attending their plant sales of native plants. *sigh* I guess they missed the boat on that one....

I took a couple pics of the burgers. Here they are:

I apologize for the size, for some reason the picture loader isn't working properly...  Disappointment is all around...*sigh*
PS I have a post about a recent trip to my parent's house last week, however I have lots of pics to share so I think I will wait till the photo loader is working properly!

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