Saturday, June 4, 2011

3 little birds, on my doorstep...

The wrens that visit with us every year came back.  I like to refer to them as "our wrens", but I don't know for sure they are the same ones. Any how, we had babies again, 3 this time!  Daddy was scouting for a nest site and when he found theirs was still there and in very good condition, he was VERY excited!!!
The pics are as follows...
The first shot is for perspective...behind the radio is where the nest is.  Up by the ceiling, and very safe.  No cats or other animals are going to get up there and disturb that nest!

May 7 - I know there is more than one egg in there...  Aren't they pretty eggs?  Momma disposes of the shells and the poo the babies make as she goes along, amazing!

May 12- looks like one has already hatched...

May 13- three little mouths!!!! that make a LOUD noise!

May 17- WOW, look at those mouths now! The noise that came from them is also louder and more incessant!  When anyone comes out the backdoor it's " Mommy? FEED ME!!!!  NOW!
Now, in between these pics, a neighbor found another baby bird that had fallen out of his nest in his yard.  The nest was too high for anyone to get up there and put this bird back, so we put it in with these birds.  Thinking that it was the same type( WRONG!!!) we thought maybe the momma wouldn't notice a fourth bird in there....  NOPE(What momma, I ask you, doesn't know her own kids, or at least how many she has?!?!)!  It ended up dying.  Sweetie Pie and The Rocket were sad, but it's an invaluable lesson about nature, it doesn't always have Disney endings...(They know this already, but I always welcome reminders of how good they have it!)

May 25- My, My, My! Look at how they have grown!
(Sorry guys, I am not the chuck wagon, she will be back soon!)

May 28- We are now officially empty nesters...
We missed the flying lessons, however, S did see the momma and daddy out on the porch calling to the babies to come out for their flying lessons.  They would sit on the back of a chair, and look up at the nest and call for them to come out!  Really cute!  Now they are gone and we can reclaim our back porch. 
Can't wait till next year!

Has this ever happened to you?

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say I love your blog. I get a big kick out of your stories and experiments you do. Keep up the good work my friend! :)