Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Friday Notes...

Look at all these little grasshoppers all lined up and ready to eat my green bean plants!  They were so cute, and I guess they can eat what they want, it's summer now and I don't have the patience to play farmer when I am gone alot!

My little Sweetie Pie Nature Girl, she's getting so big...

Some onesies I did up for my new niece.  She looks so cute in them!

This year's teacher gifts: Waterbottle holders.  Ideal for long walks at amusement parks and hikes.

What is it with cats?

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!  XO

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Ingrid De Villiers said...

Lovely post Amber!!! My goodness....I can't believe those grass hoppers all lined up and ready to eat your green bean plant! I have never ever seen something like that! Your Katie is getting big...what a pretty girl! Cute little t-shirts you did up for your niece! Enjoy your summer!
Love Ingridxx