Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pioneer Art Settlement

Field trip to the Poineer Art Settlement in Barberville.  Very cool place, lots of history there with items and buildings being moved from other places and restored there in their historical context.  It's a place that I would like to visit again on my own time as we missed alot with the field trip time schedule we were on. 
Here are some of the photos I snapped:

Learning about weaving.  You can weave with just about anything!
Chickens and Turkeys...  (you know I can't resist a pic of these!)

making butter...  The lady who taught us about this and in the following picture teaching us about dying cloth was the art tent lady from the Pow Wow.  Her name is Rainbow.  She remembered us and was really glad to see us again, she is so sweet!
This is the kitchen inside of the cabin where a family of 13 lived!  This is the small cabin where we learned about making butter...13 people?  I can't even imagine...
woodworking shop...
church, and The Rocket saying the blessing before lunch.

This building once served as an area school in Volusia county.

This building was so quaint and the setting so pretty under the oaks.  It actually serves as the gift shop for the settlement. 

Who can resist a still?  It was right next to the country store and I did inquire if they sold the stuff the still was supposed to make- they didn't.

We used up every minute allotted for our field trip and even some extra ones as we were late getting back to school!  The Rocket's teacher rode with me and we had a wonderful visit on the way and back again.  The kids were all really good and I think they learned a thing or two.  I even learned something!  Did you know that peacocks can fly short distances- even male ones?  I am amazed, how in the world do they do that with those long glorious tails? Hands on learning is always the best way to learn and cement what you have learned in your mind, I certainly hope this happened this day. Our wild, historic, beautiful Florida is fast fading away, and I am happy that places like this exist so we can imagine what it used to be like...

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Looks like it was a good trip.