Saturday, March 27, 2010

I got a box in the mail today!

Oh! Our mail lady was good to me today!  She brought me a box filled with goodies all the way from Turkey!  My sis sent me a get-well box!  Thank you sis!!!!   Sweetie Pie was home with me and she brought it in from the mail lady.  We opened it right away- of course!  Here's what was inside:
A lovely key chain/zipper pull, however the pottery heart-shaped bead broke.  I glued it back as best as I could but one side of it was pulverized so it didn't quite work....I'll figure something out. 
My first turkish rug (a.k.a. mouse pad-I love your thinking Sis!) it's a little small, but a good start.  I suspect when it's not where it should be(on my desk) it will be being utilized by a barbie doll... or polly pockets.  I'm forseeing future arguments between Sweetie Pie and myself...  

A jar of honey- florally sweet, will be yummy over yogurt with fruit and granola. I love honey!

Now for the other item, the pickles.  I remembered my Sis telling me about these, how good they were, and something else but I didn't bother to recall it.  So we opened this jar immediately, and dove right in.  Yum! I took the first bite with Sweetie Pie looking on, and since she likes pickles, she got the next bite.  Now I start feeling a warm non-pickle feeling in my mouth and then I more fully remembered what Sis told me about these. They are pickled with hot peppers and garlic(notice them on the label?)!  About this time Sweetie Pie is over at the sink spitting her bite out, and I am laughing very hard!   I very much like these pickles. Sweetie Pie?- not so much!  I'm sure S will like them, but I'm not real sure how many he will get, these are really good and I'm not a pickle person.

Thanks Sis for a wonderful box of goodies!  You made my day!  


Ingrid DeVilliers said...

What a lovely sis you have to bless you so much....but you are special Amber and deserve it!

D'Ache' said...

You're welcome! I'll find another key chain; I don't know how it broke.

Amber said...

Awww shucks, Thanks Ing! : )
Hey D, the key chain is still cool even without the bead! Thanks again! xo xo a