Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get Stuffed...

Sorry for the hiatius, I had an accident.  A rope swing accident.  Compression fracture in my vertebra.  Can you say OWWWWW?  I CAN!  But, who doesn't love a rope swing, I still do, but will be more sure of the capacity of the rope next time....

The child's party whom I did this at, is the purpose of the sorta-tutorial that I had planned on posting right when I got home.  I am a couple weeks late, but better late than never.  So here goes:

What can you make with these?

Regular ordinary mittens(@ Target for a buck!)? 

Maybe so, but if you consult this book you will find many things to quick change them into!

These particular mittens were calling out to become a bear. 

So after cutting apart the mittens, and finding something to become a shirt, I stuffed the appropriate items.

(sorry for the fuzziness, still working on the macro setting and getting the hang of it...)

After assembly, and shirt construction, and keeping in mind the recepient of this bit of cuteness who is VERY into Bear Gryls from the Man VS Wild  tv show, this is the end result.

HEHEHEHE, Bear Gryls!  Complete with napsack and water bottle, ready to go on adventure with a sweet red-headed boy!  Here is Bear with some of his friends(with instructions from the book):

He was both sad and happy to leave our house and his new friends, but I know he will be back to visit!

As for me, I am still recovering.  It will be 6-8 weeks before I am hopefully back to normal.  Not too many cooking adventures will be happening in our household for a while yet, maybe some creative ones, but mostly reading and knitting... 
Until next time....


DAche said...

Finally....just teasing. :)

The boys love their animals. And I could use a copy of that book....hint hint. By the way keep a look out for a get well box with some Turkish goodies.

Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Amazingly cute Amber!

Amber said...

Thanks Ingrid, they are so fun to make!
D, I didn't take any pics of the ones sent over with you, or they would have been posted too. I have been saving for a box for you too! It's not full yet, will send when it is... xoxoxo to you both!