Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday afternoons

What are Sunday afternoons good for? 
S will tell you they are good for naps. Extra loooooong ones in front of a TV, in a lazy-boy or a bed(and it doesn't matter which one in the house!). 
The Rocket will tell you they are good for running around the neighborhood, with friends, in the cold, doing God only knows what. 
Sweetie Pie will tell you they are good for working on Valentines, which is what she did.  ALL AFTERNOON!  She got about 7 done, one for each of her teachers, and some for her brothers, and some for her cousins and one for her Dad.  I think she worked the hardest on this one. It is so sweet and he will LOVE it soooo much!

Isn't that sweet? It's her running to Daddy after he has gotten home from work.  AWWWWWWW!
Leave it to a girl to spread out her stuff all over a table and work for hours on valentines for her family and teachers!  I love girls!  (I love my boys too, but they don't do this kind of thing- ever! I'm just sayin...)

I will tell you that a Sunday afternoon is good for perusing all your favorite blogs while drinking irish cream spiked coffee and trying to finish the Sunday newspaper and making blueberry pie!
I tried it al-a-mode of course! (is there any other way to eat blueberry pie?) and it was good!

Not a bad day at all!

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Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Oh Amber....I really enjoyed your post today! Sweet Katie and all the hard work...I love the picture she drew for her Daddy! The blueberry pie looks delish...!!! and I can do with a Sunday afternoon nap now on a Tuesday morning!