Tuesday, February 9, 2010


OK  Does anyone else(my sister excluded for reasons to be revealed) get tired of doing laundry?  I can not get over the amount of clothes my family generates!- and I am minus a teenager( he did his own laundry anyhow)!  Do piles of laundry just appear in your children's rooms as well?  Even though you just emptied their laundry baskets??????  Sometimes I can find things still folded up in the "dirty" clothes...  can you say infuriating?  The laziness that abounds in my children just blows me away sometimes, I am not raising them to be this way, so why are they?????  UGH! 

Now my husband's clothes add alot of bulk to the pile.  He's not huge, but he doesn't wear a size small either. 

I, of course, am perfect. I never generate anything of consequence to the pile.  HEHEHE Just kidding.  Of course I do, but why is it that my piles of folded clothes are dwarfed by the other members of the family?

The reason my sister is excluded from being tired of doing laundry is because she does laundry as a way of life, for the next two years at least.  My brother-in-law is stationed in Turkey( I am envisioning a trip in which I amass many Turkish rugs, tiles, art and dishes!) at the moment and I guess Turkish people don't wear that many clothes.  Or they don't believe in wearing clean clothes all the time?  Or maybe they just really like to do laundry?  My sister says it's because the door openings are very narrow and they couldn't fit a regular size washer/dryer in there(I personally would petition for some renovation : )).  Whatever the case may be, my sister's washing and drying machine is a piece of work!  She can fit about 5 pieces of clothing in at a time and then to dry the clothes she has to empty out a container of water every time a load dries, and she didn't find this out for a while cause the directions are in Turkish!  Now, her husband, like mine, isn't huge, but he don't wear no small either!  And the boys have had to cut down on the amount of clothing they change each day for the sake of their mother's sanity.  I'll bet she's glad she has boys instead of girls right now!  You can find a link to her blog about her initial "laundry shock" here.  She's got it down to a science now.  When she came over for my dad's surgery(she was here for about 3 weeks), her husband was overwhelmed to put it mildly.  We had a few giggles about that I have to admit.  She was in for a huge dose of Mommy Appreciation when she finally got home.

Back to America now.  This is the pile I have for today.  It consists of clothes from this past weekend.
Me thinks me children doth wear too many clothes!

However, my Pollyanna-side says to my Laundry-overwhelmed side: " Hey! One day's worth of clothes looks like this to my sister, so you really don't have it that bad!"  Thanks for keeping me positive Sis- love you! And just remember- one day, you'll have your ultra big washer and non-empty dryer back- YEA!!! 


DAche said...

I am looking forward to that day......
However I have already started my rug collection!
LOL!!!! ;)

Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Oh my.....I thought I had a lot of washing to do! Guess who has the most 'dirty' (I won't call it dirty) clothes in our home...my teenager son! Amber...the pink pile must be Katie's right? That can't be yours......!

Amber said...

D- ...and what a lovely collection it is! :)
I- actually Scott was trying to separate into colors? hehehe