Monday, November 1, 2010

October randomness

 Now that October has flown by(did it for anyone else too? or was it just me?) Here are a few pics of some events that happened...

                                                  Sweetie Pie's Ancient Roman mosaic cake:
It was a part of her project for school.  It's a bowl of fruit, with sunshine and some grapes laying down by the right side.  Good project to do as there wasn't really anything to bring home, disassemble and clean up! Yea!

The Rocket and I went on a field trip with his class to MOSI(Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa, FL).  We got to experience the weather exhibit going on right now.  I have to say that I was a bit dissapointed.  The kid's free play area was neat, however the actual exhibits going on were dissapointing.  Also, we saw an IMAX movie about dinosaurs, and WOW, was it B-O-R-I-N-G!!!  A bit of advice for those of you going to see IMAX movies: This is the second dinosaur movie that I have seen that was WAAAAAY over my head!  Don't go see a dinosaur movie at a museum unless you are really into dinosaurs, and know the jargon that goes with them!  UGH!

                                                   I got The Rocket's head on a platter....
                                                     And he got me on a bed of nails:
Yes, those are REAL nails!  It's not as amazing as it seems though, the surface area of your body offsets the effects of the nails.  Even so, it was still kinda pokey... 

And finally some Halloween pics... 

These are the kid's pumpkins.  They usually paint their pumpkins, which actually they did and then decided when S was carving the larger ones that they wanted to carve their own out.  These are baking pumpkins, and were very hard to carve.  But I think the kids did a good job anyhow! 

Here are the pumpkins that S carved, while I did laundry and made beds and washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen... 
From Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat.  I think he did a great job on them! 

Sweetie Pie in one of her many Halloween get-ups.  She couldn't make up her mind... (yes, her hair is purple) Technically, I don't know what she is dressed as, but I guess it doesn't really matter, she was happy and had a great time trick-or-treating!

Here is The Rocket.  He is a Werewolf.  His hair is green with black stripes, and he has fangs!  He had already been to a few of the neighbor's houses and this is the photo after I had called him back. His expression reads:  "HURRY!"  Geez, they get so antsy! 

The weekend before Halloween, some neighbors and I went to a costume party. The Rocket did not attend, but we let him in the group picture anyhow. 
What a motley crew we make!
At this party they served goat.  It was interesting, gamey, stringy and smokey, totally edible, but not something I will be running out to the grocery store for any time soon!  Now, it was the first time the man had cooked this kind of meat. The first time they took it off the grill, it was not done, so they had to put it back on the grill and cook it longer.  They will be serving it again next year and I think it will be better because they have a whole year to practice cooking techniques!

Well, the month of October and the start of the fall season has whizzed past and now we are racing into the craziest two months of the year...  ONWARD HO!!!!

I just blinked, is it January 1st yet?

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