Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We have babies!  Some house wrens built a nest behind our TV area outside and they have been busy feeding these little guys!  Everything from baby lizzards to flying bugs to worms, I have seen it all being brought to those voracious little buggars.  It's funny to listen to the momma talking to her little ones, announcing her arrival in the area with food, and her little" I'm coming" when she is close to the nest, and then softly "Who's hungry?"when she is deciding who got the last morsel and who gets this one.  They have a wary comfortablness around us, and really hate it when the cats are lounging around on the table watching them!  The babies have gotten progressively louder and I think it will be very soon that they learn to fly and are out on their own.  It will probably happen while we are away, the kids and I will be so bummed to miss it. We got to see it last year when quite possibly the same wrens built a nest in the same spot.  

Sweetie Pie has had a birthday.  She had a sleep over party, and those girls stayed up past 3am! Sweetie Pie decided she wanted to decorate her cake, and since she is very artistic, I let her.  In preparation, I had her draw out what she wanted on a piece of paper that was about the same size as the cake with the reminder that drawing on a cake is not like drawing on paper- there is no erasing( at least not easily...).  She came back with this:
After I had put the cake back together(Oh yes, it fell apart when I took it out of the pan...no worries, it was all covered up with frosting!) and put the base coat of frosting on, Sweetie Pie informed me of what colors she wanted to use and we mixed them up.  She then proceeded to decorate her cake and did a fantastic job!
We didn't have to erase one bit! She takes after her momma and Auntie D! And no-one was any wiser to the cake being a complete shambles under all that frosting! : )

Last week I was perusing my favorite blogs and came across a pattern for this cute little bag.
The next one I make will have a few moderations to it. The opening is very wide and things fall out easily, so I will probably make it taller,  also some sort of button hole or snap to help keep it closed, and maybe some interfacing between the layers to provide a bit of body to it.  You can find the pattern here. I also think it would be good to make in the larger size but I can't figure out how to make the pattern bigger and print in tiled form in Adobe Acrobat.

On a completely different note, I will leave you with a pic of a spider Sweetie Pie and I found in the garden a few days ago.  He/She is very interesting looking, and I'm glad it wasn't in my house 'cause I would have had to crush it. 

Spiders aren't welcome in my house.
We are now off to Naples, and to the Keys from there.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer, and I'll "see" you when we get back!

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D'Ache' said...

The cake looks delish! Thank you but my skills are that fabulous. Have fun in the Keys!